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Unlocking Products - HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip

About The HTC XTC Android Unlock ClipXTC200

The HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip is a standalone clip that allows you to unlock HTC Android & HTC Windows Mobile, HTC Windows 7 phones without the need for Credits or Logs..

Latest Updates & Features

XTC clip version 1.3.9 Released 29/07/11

HTC Marvel (HTC Wildfire S) added
HTC Passion (Google Nexus One) HBOOT 0-35.0017 added
HTC Espresso (T-Mobile myTouch Slide) ANY HBOOT added
HTC Glacier (T-Mobile MyTouch 4g) now ANY HBOOT version supported

Supported Features

  • The solution is working on any device ("S-ON" and "S-OFF" doesn't matter).
  • After unlocking you have SIMLOCK removed, SuperCID (11111111) and the device is "S-OFF"
  • Very simple concept, this clip is an automatic GOLD CARD Generator. It Automatically generates GOLD CARD for unlocking All HTC Android phones
  • Very simple 2 minutes operation. Newest models included.
  • Full factory unlock (cid, sp lock, user lock)
  • One click gold card creation in just 2-4 seconds (2gb card) and 6-8 seconds (8gb card)
  • Supports all Android HTC
  • Unlocking time 20-30 seconds

HTC Andriod Supported Models

  • Desire: HTC Bravo | HTC Desire (GSM) | A8181 | A8182 | A8183
  • Desire HD: HTC Ace
  • Dream: HTC T-mobile G1 | Android Dev phone | HTC Dream | A71xx
  • Espresso: T-mobile myTouch 3G Slide | HTC Espresso
  • Glacier: HTC myTouch 4G | HTC myTouch 4G HD | HTC Glacier
  • Hero: HTC Hero | T-mobile G2 Touch | HTC A6262 | Dopod Magic
  • Intruder: AT&T Aria | HTC Aria | HTC Intruder | HTC Liberty | HTC A6366 | HTC Gratia
  • Legend: HTC Legend| HTC A6363
  • Nexus One: HTC Nexus One | Google Nexus One | HTC Passion | HTC Dragon
  • Saphire: HTC Magic | Vodafone HTC Magic | Dopod Magic | Google ION | T-mobile myTouch 3G
  • NTT DoCoMo Pro series HT-03A | HTC A61xx
  • Vision: HTC Vision | T-mobile USA G2 | HTC Desire Z
  • Wildlife: HTC Wildlife (GSM) | A3333 | HTC Buzz
  • Tattoo: HTC Click | A3232 | HTC Tattoo
  • Paradise: HTC Paradise

Touch phones

  • Blackstone: HTC Touch HD | HTC T8282 | HTC Blackstone
  • Leo: HTC HD2 | HTC Leo | HTC Leo 100 | T9193 | T8585
  • Mega: HTC Mega | HTC T3320 | HTC T3333 | HTC Touch 2 | T3330
  • Topaz: HTC Touch Diamond2 | Orange Touch Diamond 2 | O2 XDA Diamond 2 | T-mobile MDA Compact V
  • AT&T Pure | HTC Pure | T5353 | HTC Topaz 210 | ST6356 | HTC Warhawk
  • Rhodium: T-Mobile MDA Vario 5 | HTC Touch Pro 2 | AT&T Tilt2 | HTC Tilt 2 | HTC T7373
  • HTC 7377

HTC Windows Mobile Supported Models

  • HTC 7 Pro: HTC 7 Pro (coming soon)
  • Surround: AT&T HTC 7 Surround | AT&T U-verse Mobile | HTC Mondrian | HTC 7 Trophy (coming soon)
  • Trophy: HTC Spark (u*pdate available via HD7 unlock kit)
  • Schubert: HTC HD7 | T-mobile HTC HD7 (*update available via HD7 unlock kit)
  • Mozart: : HTC 7 Mozart (*update available via HD7 unlock kit)

*These models require the Additional HD Unlocking Cable

Package Includes

1 x XTC Clip
1 x Flex PCB A
1 x Flex PCB B
1 x Flex PCB Connector
1 x Power Cable for 9v battery (battery not included)

HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip

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HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip

HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip HD Unlocking Cable

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HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip Package

HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip *Including The HD Unlocking Cable

HTC XTC Android Unlock Clip Links

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How The XTC Works

XTC How It Works


Q. I use codes, and it would be better to get the code from phone...
A. yes i agree with you, just some firmware versions don't accept codes

Q. Is manipulating boot and boot data is always riskier?
A. This clip does not manipulate the boot sector at all. it does factory unlock, same as you unlock the phone using the      
     white card.

Q. How many time can the sdcard be used? or it has to generate 1 each time?
A. You can use the converted micro SD to gold card as many time as you want.