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PDA Mobile Phone Unlock Codes


Unlock your PDA, SmartPhone, HTC, SPV, XDA, MDA, Treo, Dopod, Qtek, iMate From Home In Seconds !!!(HTC Remote Unlocking by code!!)

  • We can unlock your handheld smart phone very easily. Unlock your PDA, SmartPhone, HTC, SPV, XDA, MDA, Treo, Dopod, Qtek, iMate From Home In Seconds !!!(HTC Remote Unlocking by code!!)
  • It is all done via email
  • No cable is needed
  • Simply enter your unlock code once received into your handset and that's it
  • Handset will be permanently unlocked
  • Process takes approximately 10 min from start to finish !!!
  • 100% Safe & Secured

Database updated on 30th May to include unlock codes for the following handsets

  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Touch HD2

SAFE: No cable & No Software ! You don't need to make any sensitive manipulations such as upgrading firmware or installing specific program into your mobile. Just enter the unlock code when your phone ask to and you're done !

SECURED: There is absolutely no danger for your mobile phone. Unlocking your phone is legal. In almost all countries around the world, including the UK, USA and Canada, phone unlocking is accepted and legal. Once you have purchased a phone, it is your property and you can do with it as you choose.

WHICH NETWORKS: Using our Manufacturer's code, you will be able to unlock any worldwide network provider for example:
Belgacom, M6 Mobile, 3 Australia, Amena, Mobistar, Universal Mobile, Tesco, Vodafone, Cingular U.S.A, NRJ, Rogers Canada, Virgin, Orange, SFR, Neuf Telecom, T-Mobile, Optimus, Débitel, Bouygues Télécom, Movistar, O2, Orange UK, Tele 2, Fido Canada...

PDA Manufacture Remote Unlock Code Server PDA Manufacture Remote Unlock Code Server

Popular New Models
HTC Touch Dual PHOE100 HTC P3470 Diamond P3600 G1 S620 HERA110 TyTN 2 Touch PRO Touch HD P3450 Dash Cruise Touch S300 Wing SPV E650 M650 Touch Diamond

Unlock HTC Tattoo
Unlock HTC Hero
Unlock HTC HD2
Unlock HTC 2223
Unlock HTC 8125
Unlock HTC Advantage X7500
Unlock HTC Advantage X7501
Unlock HTC Alpine
Unlock HTC Ameo
Unlock HTC Arte 110
Unlock HTC Athena
Unlock HTC Blueangel
Unlock HTC Breeze
Unlock HTC Census
Unlock HTC Charmer
Unlock HTC Clamshell
Unlock HTC Cocoon
Unlock HTC Cosmo
Unlock HTC Cruise
Unlock HTC Cruise 3650
Unlock HTC Cruise Touch
Unlock HTC Dash
Unlock HTC Diamond
Unlock HTC Diamond Pro
Unlock HTC DREA100
Unlock HTC Dream
Unlock HTC ELF
Unlock HTC Elfin
Unlock HTC EXCA 100
Unlock HTC EXCA 200
Unlock HTC EXCA 210
Unlock HTC Excalibur
Unlock HTC Fuze
Unlock HTC G1
Unlock HTC Gene
Unlock HTC HERA110
Unlock HTC Herald
Unlock HTC Herm 200
Unlock HTC Herm 300
Unlock HTC Hermes
Unlock HTC Himalaya
Unlock HTC Hurricane
Unlock HTC i-Mate
Unlock HTC Ice
Unlock HTC Innovation
Unlock HTC Jet
Unlock HTC KAIS100
Unlock HTC KAIS130
Unlock HTC Kaiser
Unlock HTC Magician
Unlock HTC Max
Unlock HTC Max 4G
Unlock HTC Monet
Unlock HTC MPX 200
Unlock HTC MPX 220
Unlock HTC MTeoR
Unlock HTC Niki
Unlock HTC Orbit
Unlock HTC Oxygen
Unlock HTC P3300
Unlock HTC P3301
Unlock HTC P3350
Unlock HTC P3400
Unlock HTC P3401
Unlock HTC P3450
Unlock HTC P3452
Unlock HTC P3470
Unlock HTC P3600
Unlock HTC P3650
Unlock HTC P3700
Unlock HTC P3701
Unlock HTC P3702
Unlock HTC P4350
Unlock HTC P4351
Unlock HTC P4550
Unlock HTC P4600
Unlock HTC P4601
Unlock HTC P4602
Unlock HTC P5500
Unlock HTC P6300
Unlock HTC P6500
Unlock HTC PDA2K
Unlock HTC Pharos
Unlock HTC PHOE100
Unlock HTC Phoebus
Unlock HTC Prophet
Unlock HTC Raphael
Unlock HTC S300
Unlock HTC S310
Unlock HTC S411
Unlock HTC S420
Unlock HTC S620
Unlock HTC S621
Unlock HTC S630
Unlock HTC S711
Unlock HTC S730
Unlock HTC S740
Unlock HTC Shadow
Unlock HTC Shift
Unlock HTC StarTrek
Unlock HTC T8290
Unlock HTC T8925
Unlock HTC Tilt
Unlock HTC Tornado
Unlock HTC Touch
Unlock HTC Touch 3G
Unlock HTC Touch Diamond
Unlock HTC Touch Dual
Unlock HTC Touch HD
Unlock HTC Touch PRO
Unlock HTC Touch Viva
Unlock HTC Trin 100
Unlock HTC Trinity
Unlock HTC Typhoon
Unlock HTC TyTN
Unlock HTC TyTN 2
Unlock HTC Universal
Unlock HTC V1605
Unlock HTC V1615
Unlock HTC Virgin Lobster 700TV
Unlock HTC Vivida
Unlock HTC Vox
Unlock HTC Wing
Unlock HTC WIZA100
Unlock HTC WIZA200
Unlock HTC Wizard
Unlock HTC X1
Unlock HTC X1b
Unlock HTC X1i
Unlock HTC X2
Unlock HTC X2i
Unlock HTC X3
Unlock HTC X7500
Unlock HTC XM
Unlock HTC XV6600

Unlock SPV C100
Unlock SPV C500
Unlock SPV C550
Unlock SPV C600
Unlock SPV C700
Unlock SPV E100
Unlock SPV E200
Unlock SPV E600
Unlock SPV E650
Unlock SPV F600
Unlock SPV M1000
Unlock SPV M1500
Unlock SPV M2000
Unlock SPV M2500
Unlock SPV M3000
Unlock SPV M3100
Unlock SPV M500
Unlock SPV M5000
Unlock SPV M600
Unlock SPV M650
Unlock SPV M700
Unlock SPV SPV


Unlock i-Mate JAM
Unlock i-Mate JAM Black
Unlock i-Mate JAMin
Unlock i-Mate JAQ
Unlock i-Mate JAQ3
Unlock i-Mate JAQ4
Unlock i-Mate jASJAM
Unlock i-Mate jASJAR
Unlock i-Mate K-JAM
Unlock i-Mate PDA2
Unlock i-Mate PDA2K
Unlock i-Mate PDAL
Unlock i-Mate Pocket PC
Unlock i-Mate Smartflip
Unlock i-Mate Smartphone
Unlock i-Mate Smartphone2
Unlock i-Mate SP3
Unlock i-Mate SP3i
Unlock i-Mate SP4
Unlock i-Mate SP4m
Unlock i-Mate SP5
Unlock i-Mate SP5m
Unlock i-Mate SPJAS
Unlock i-Mate SPL
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 5150
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 6150
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 7150
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 8150
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 8502
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 9150
Unlock i-Mate Ultimate 9502


Unlock Qtek 1010
Unlock Qtek 2020
Unlock Qtek 2020i
Unlock Qtek 4040
Unlock Qtek 7070
Unlock Qtek 8010
Unlock Qtek 8020
Unlock Qtek 8060
Unlock Qtek 8080
Unlock Qtek 8100
Unlock Qtek 8200
Unlock Qtek 8300
Unlock Qtek 8310
Unlock Qtek 8500
Unlock Qtek 8600
Unlock Qtek 9000
Unlock Qtek 9090
Unlock Qtek 9100
Unlock Qtek 9600
Unlock Qtek 9600 TyTN
Unlock Qtek A9100
Unlock Qtek G200
Unlock Qtek S100
Unlock Qtek S110
Unlock Qtek S200
Unlock Qtek S300
Unlock Qtek S330
Unlock Qtek V1640

Unlock O2 Cocoon
Unlock O2 Ice
Unlock O2 Jet
Unlock O2 Smartphone
Unlock O2 X1
Unlock O2 X1b
Unlock O2 X1i
Unlock O2 X2
Unlock O2 X2i
Unlock O2 X3
Unlock O2 X4
Unlock O2 X7
Unlock O2 XDA
Unlock O2 XDA 2
Unlock O2 XDA 2s
Unlock O2 XDA Argon
Unlock O2 XDA Atom
Unlock O2 XDA Atom Exec
Unlock O2 XDA Atom Life
Unlock O2 XDA Cosmo
Unlock O2 XDA Diamond
Unlock O2 XDA Diamond
Unlock O2 XDA Diamond Pro
Unlock O2 XDA Exec
Unlock O2 XDA Flame
Unlock O2 XDA Graphite
Unlock O2 XDA Ignito
Unlock O2 XDA Ignito
Unlock O2 XDA II
Unlock O2 XDA II Mini
Unlock O2 XDA IIi
Unlock O2 XDA IIs
Unlock O2 XDA iQ
Unlock O2 XDA IV
Unlock O2 XDA Mantle
Unlock O2 XDA Mini
Unlock O2 XDA Mini S
Unlock O2 XDA Neo
Unlock O2 XDA Nova
Unlock O2 XDA Orbit
Unlock O2 XDA Orion
Unlock O2 XDA Serra
Unlock O2 XDA SP
Unlock O2 XDA Star
Unlock O2 XDA Stealth
Unlock O2 XDA Stellar
Unlock O2 XDA Trion
Unlock O2 XDA Zest
Unlock O2 XDA Zinc
Unlock O2 XM
Unlock O2 Xphone
Unlock O2 Xphone II
Unlock O2 Xphone IIm
Unlock O2 XV6600


Unlock T-Mobile Ameo
Unlock T-Mobile Dash
Unlock T-Mobile G1
Unlock T-Mobile HERA110
Unlock T-Mobile MDA
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Compact
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Compact II
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Compact III
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Compact IV
Unlock T-Mobile MDA II
Unlock T-Mobile MDA III
Unlock T-Mobile MDA IV
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Mail
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Pro
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Touch
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Vario
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Vario 2
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Vario 3
Unlock T-Mobile MDA Vario 4
Unlock T-Mobile PHOE100
Unlock T-Mobile SDA
Unlock T-Mobile SDA II
Unlock T-Mobile SDA Music
Unlock T-Mobile Shadow
Unlock T-Mobile Wing

What Do i Need?

For certain models you need the following to use this service

  • A PC with Windows XP
  • An Internet Connection
  • Cable as supplied with your Handset


We have update our website, please use for up to date products and services. Our new site is SSL Secured and PCI compliant.

If you wish to place an order with us then please use the following web page

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