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Unlocking Products - Polar Box 2 Universal Unlock & Flash Tool

The Universal Polar Box 2 is the new device for Blackberry, LG, Panasonic, Nec, Alcatel, Philips, Sharp phones can perform such tasks as Flash, Change Language, Repair, Unlock and Lock. It has unique system of full repair Th3/Th4. If you have a dead Th3/Th4 with any soft you can repair it with this system without any problems.

Multiplatform USB Hardware (Specifications)

  • Built for work in different brands (Alcatel, Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc ...)
  • Highly secured using 2 different microcontrollers (Smartcard based technology)
  • Stable and high speed communication based on FTDI Technology (till 921.600 bds in flash process)
  • Standard Unibox Pinout (8pin RJ45) and extra USB connector


  • More than 50 brands and 1100 phones supported !!!
  • Most easy-to-use tool in the gsm scene (processes using 2-3 simple clicks)
  • Best tool for ALCATEL phones in the market (biggest flash database)
  • All brands are fully integrated in one main software (forget to download tons of executables)
  • Auto-Backup process for complex operations (prevent damaged or killed phones)
  • Support area with detailed flashfiles (languages), repair files, fullflash..
  • Access to support and last updates using a simple button (not need to login)

Polar Community (support)

  • Real mailing support ( 24-48 hours )
  • Real time support via Forums ( official forums in 6 languages )
  • Kind product supporters and collaborators ( forum community )
  • Wiki Website : In development
  • Chat Online : In development
Polar Box 2
Polar Box 2 Cable Pack

First Tool in The World To Support Direct Unlock LG Qualcom Models:

Latest Additions To Polar Box 2:

Latest Pay For Activation

LG PHONES:  Initial list of models supported (this will increase in next updates)
You can purchase this activation here

  • NEW LG KC Series : KC910
  • LG KE Series : KE990
  • LG KF Series : KF700
  • LG KU Series : KU250 KU380 KU990 KU990GO KU990MF
  • NEW LG TU Series : TU915
  • LG U Series : U250 U370 U960 U990
  • LG CU Series : CU720 CU920 (american versions)

Added Support For New Samsung Models :

  • Samsung A411 A412 A517 A551
  • Samsung A701 A706 A707 A708 A717 A727 A736 A737
  • Samsung A801 A811 A812 A821 A827
  • Samsung C130
  • Samsung E210 E950
  • Samsung F200 F300 F330 F338 F400 F480 F490 F490v F700 F700v
  • Samsung G800 G808
  • Samsung J200 J208 J630 J638
  • Samsung L170 L170v L400 L400v
  • Samsung L760 L760v L766 L76g L768 L768v L770 L810 L810v
  • Samsung P960
  • Samsung S720 S730
  • Samsung T329 T639 T649 T729 T739 T819
  • Samsung U700 U700b U700v U708 U708b U800 U900
  • Samsung V800 V920 VE888
  • Samsung X630
  • Samsung Z170 Z170b Z240e Z248 Z720mc ZV60
  • - Read NCK Code (no need flashing, no risk ...)
  • - Read User Code
  • - Read Unfreeze Code
  • - Read other Codes (Sub, SP, CP, Sim, etc ...)

LG Phones:

* Added support for these phones :
* Qualcomm 3G Series :

  • Sagem Models Now Supports
  • LG KF510 & LG KF600 - Unlock (Read NCK)
  • KU990 Viewty ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • CU400 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • CU500 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KS20 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU250 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU380 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU385 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU580 Chocolate ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU730 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU950 ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!
  • KU970 Shine ( Direct Unlock / Imei Repair ) First in World !!!

Package Contains

Optional Extras

  • KU990 Viewty USB Cable is not included in standard polar cable pack, but is needed to unlock certain phones.
  • LG Activation For Polar Box 2 adds even more unlocking power. This activation adds support for the latest LG 3G phones. Activation Available Here
Polar Box 2 Polar Box 2 Cables

Our Price !

Polar Box 2

Polar Box 2 Polar Box 2 Cables Polar Box 2 Cables

Our Price !

Polar Box 2 & KU990 Viewty USB Cable

Polar Box 2 Polar Box 2 Cables Polar Box 2 Cables Polar Box 2 Cables

Our Price !

Polar Box 2 & KU990 Viewty USB Cable, Including LG Activation For Polar Box 2


Supports Phones & Features

Alcatel / Tcl

    Unlock and Read codes, Set Factory Settings, Write backup Repair functions (for bad unlock old/new models), Imei repair. Read/Write functions (FullFlash, Firmware/Language and Eeprom)

  • BEx Series
    Alcatel Easy DB - Easy View
    Alcatel 300 301 500 501 700 701
  • BFx Series
    Alcatel 310 311
    Alcatel 511 512
  • BG3 Series
    Alcatel 525 526
    Alcatel 331 331a 331p 332 332a 332p 332v
  • BH4 Series
    Alcatel 535
    Alcatel 735 735i
  • THx Series
    Alcatel 556 557 565
    Alcatel 756 757
  • CTH Series
    Alcatel C651 (unlock not supported yet)
  • VLE Series
    Alcatel E100 E105 E157 E158 E159 E160 E161
    Alcatel E200 E205 E220 E251 E252 E256 E257 E259 E260 E265
    New VLE Series
    Alcatel E101 E207 E221 E227
  • C64 Series
    Alcatel E801 E805
  • Philips Series
    Alcatel 155, 156 and 355
    Alcatel C550, C630 and C635
  • MTK Series
    Alcatel C700, C701, C707, C717, C820, C825 
    Alcatel Elle N3, Mandarina Duck, TCL M298
  • Others models
    Alcatel 152 153 320

Benq, O2x & Siemens

    Direct unlock, Reset user code, Reset settings Read/Write functions (FullFlash, Firmware/Language and Eeprom)

  • Siemens-Benq A38 AP75 CF61 CL51 CL71 E61 EF51 EF61 M300 M315 S88
  • O2x-1B, O2x-1I, O2x-7


    Read unlock code and BBPIN code, This phones are supported using original data cable. Read codes takes 1-2 seconds. 

  • 5xxx
  • 6xxx
  • 7100g 7100g 7100r 7100t 7100v 7105t 7130e
  • 7230 7250 7280 7290
  • 7520
  • 7730 7750 7780


    Polarbox2 unlock codes calculator Unlock codes, Reset Lock counter and PhoneCode Reset - Repair

  • Nec 342i, Nec 343i, Nec E101, Nec E121
  • Panasonic A100 A105, G50, G51, G70, GD55, X300
  • Philips 568, 768, 960
  • Nokia DCT3 / DCT4
  • Siemens CL50, CL75, ST55


    Direct unlock, Reset settings Read/Write (FullFlash, Firmware, Eeprom and CallData)

  • Z300, Z300a, Z500, X3

Gradiente & Haier

    Read codes (unlock), Read/Write functions

  • Gradiente GC370, GCL-1
  • Haier V100, Z300


    Direct unlock, Repair Service, Set factory, Flash Code Data (FullFlash, Firmware, Eeprom and CallData), Flash Alchemy

LG B1200
LG B1300
LG B2000
LG B2050
LG B2070
LG B2100
LG C1100
LG C1150
LG C1200
LG C1300
LG C1300i
LG C1400
LG C2100
LG C2200
LG C3100
LG C3300
LG C3310
LG C3320
LG C3380
LG F2100
LG F2200
LG F2250
LG F2300
LG F2400
LG F2410
LG F3000
LG G850
LG G3100
LG G4010
LG G4011
LG G4015
LG G4020
LG G4050
LG G5200 
LG G5220
LG G5300
LG G5500
LG G7050
LG G7100
LG G7200
LG KE260
LG KE360
LG KE500
LG KE508
LG KE600
LG KE770

LG KE800
LG KE850
LG KE970
LG KG110
LG KG120
LG KG130
LG KG210
LG KG220
LG KG225
LG KG228
LG KG240
LG KG245
LG KG248
LG KG270
LG KG271
LG KG275
LG KG276
LG KG278
LG KG280
LG KG285
LG KG288
LG KG290
LG KG291i
LG KG320
LG KG370
LG KG375
LG KG800
LG KG810
LG KG920
LG KG928
LG KP200
LG KP202
LG KU311
LG KU450
LG KU800
LG L600v
LG L1100
LG L1150
LG L1200
LG L1400
LG L3100
LG L341i
LG L342i
LG ME540
LG ME550

LG ME770
LG ME850
LG ME970 
LG MG100
LG MG101
LG MG102 
LG MG105
LG MG110
LG MG120
LG MG125
LG MG150
LG MG155
LG MG160
LG MG161
LG MG180
LG MG185
LG MG191
LG MG200
LG MG210
LG MG220
LG MG225
LG MG230
LG MG235
LG MG280
LG MG295
LG MG300
LG MG320
LG MG370
LG MG610
LG MG800
LG MG810
LG S5000
LG S5100
LG S5200
LG U8110
LG U8120
LG U8130
LG U8135
LG U8138
LG U8150
LG U8210
LG U8290
LG W5200
LG W5210
LG W5220
LG W5300


    Unlock and Read codes functions. Read/Write functions "Cut Track" option, for unlock/repair some models.

Motorola C113
Motorola C114
Motorola C115
Motorola C115i
Motorola C116
Motorola C117
Motorola C118
Motorola C121
Motorola C122
Motorola C123
Motorola C136
Motorola C138
Motorola C139
Motorola C140
Motorola C155
Motorola C156
Motorola C168
Motorola C257
Motorola C261
Motorola C266
Motorola C268

Motorola F3
Motorola MPX200
Motorola T19x
Motorola V170
Motorola V171
Motorola V172
Motorola V173
Motorola V175
Motorola V176
Motorola V177
Motorola W205
Motorola W208
Motorola W220
Motorola W370
Motorola W375
SonyEricsson J100i
SonyEricsson J110i
SonyEricsson J120i


    Unlock and Read codes functions, Set Factory, Read/Write Fullflash/Firmware/Eeprom

  • Nec 223i
  • Nec 331i
  • Nec 341i
  • Nec 342i
  • Nec E10
  • Nec E121
  • Nec E122
  • Nec E238
  • Nec E242
  • Nec N343
  • Nec N401i


    Direct unlock function, Reset settings, Read/Write Fullflash/Firmware/Eeprom/CalcData

  • Newgen C620
  • Newgen C800
  • Newgen C1000
  • Newgen E1100


    Unlock and Read codes, Set Factory and imei calculation.

  • Panasonic X60
  • Panasonic X66
  • Panasonic X68
  • Panasonic X200
  • Panasonic X300
  • Panasonic X400


    Direct unlock function, Imei repair, Repair phone, Read phone code, Read/Write Fullflash/Firmware/Eeprom/CalcData

  • Pantech C3
  • Pantech C300
  • Pantech PG3200
  • Pantech PG3210
  • Pantech PG6100


    Read codes (unlock), Read/Write functions

Philips 120
Philips 162
Philips 330
Philips 350
Philips 355
Philips 362
Philips 530
Philips 535
Philips 568
Philips 620
Philips 625
Philips 636
Philips 639
Philips 655

Philips 755
Philips 768
Philips 822
Philips 825
Philips 826
Philips 855
Philips 859
Philips 960
Philips Azalis 238
Philips Fisio 120
Philips Fisio 311
Philips xenium 9@9i
Siemens SF65


    Direct unlock (Read NCK)
    - Credits needed for unlock process (1 credit = 1 phone unlocked)

  • My100x, My150x, My200c, My202c, My210x, My212x, My214x, My215x, My300c, My300l, My300x, My301x
  • My302x, My400x, My400v, My400l, My401c, My401ci, My401x, My401v, My401l, My411x, My411xi, My411v
  • My411cv, My501ci, My511x, My511xi, MyX6-2, My-V76, VS4, VS5, SG346i


    Unlock and Read codes, relock and full reset.

Samsung A800
Samsung C100
Samsung C120
Samsung C126
Samsung C140
Samsung C160
Samsung C165
Samsung C166
Samsung C170
Samsung C200
Samsung C207
Samsung C216
Samsung C260
Samsung C266
Samsung C300
Samsung C400
Samsung C406
Samsung C520
Samsung D100
Samsung D407
Samsung D410
Samsung D415
Samsung D428
Samsung D488
Samsung D500
Samsung D500e
Samsung D508
Samsung D510
Samsung D520
Samsung D528
Samsung D600
Samsung D608
Samsung D720
Samsung D730
Samsung D800
Samsung D807
Samsung D820
Samsung D830
Samsung D836
Samsung D840
Samsung D900
Samsung E100
Samsung E105
Samsung E116
Samsung E217
Samsung E250
Samsung E300
Samsung E305
Samsung E308
Samsung E310
Samsung E315
Samsung E316
Samsung E317
Samsung E320
Samsung E330
Samsung E340
Samsung E350
Samsung E351L
Samsung E356
Samsung E360
Samsung E370
Samsung E376
Samsung E400
Samsung E530
Samsung E570
Samsung E600
Samsung E620
Samsung E630

Samsung E640
Samsung E650
Samsung E690
Samsung E700
Samsung E710
Samsung E720
Samsung E730
Samsung E736
Samsung E740
Samsung E750
Samsung E760
Samsung E770
Samsung E786
Samsung E800
Samsung E810
Samsung E820
Samsung E840
Samsung E850
Samsung E860
Samsung E870
Samsung E880
Samsung E890
Samsung E900
Samsung E906
Samsung E910
Samsung I700
Samsung M300
Samsung N500
Samsung N700
Samsung N710
Samsung P100
Samsung P400
Samsung P408
Samsung P705
Samsung P710
Samsung P720
Samsung P730
Samsung P735
Samsung P738
Samsung P777
Samsung P850
Samsung R2xx
Samsung S100
Samsung S105
Samsung S200
Samsung S300
Samsung S300m
Samsung S341i
Samsung S342i
Samsung S400i
Samsung S410i
Samsung S500
Samsung S500i
Samsung T309
Samsung T319
Samsung T509
Samsung T519
Samsung T609
Samsung T619
Samsung T719
Samsung T809
Samsung U300
Samsung U500
Samsung U600
Samsung U700
Samsung V200
Samsung X100
Samsung X105

Samsung X116
Samsung X120
Samsung X140
Samsung X150
Samsung X150L
Samsung X156
Samsung X160
Samsung X166
Samsung X200
Samsung X300
Samsung X356
Samsung X426
Samsung X427
Samsung X430
Samsung X450
Samsung X460
Samsung X467
Samsung X480
Samsung X486
Samsung X490
Samsung X495
Samsung X497
Samsung X500
Samsung X510
Samsung X520
Samsung X530
Samsung X600
Samsung X610
Samsung X620
Samsung X636
Samsung X640
Samsung X650
Samsung X656
Samsung X660
Samsung X670
Samsung X680
Samsung X686
Samsung X700
Samsung X800
Samsung X808
Samsung X810
Samsung X820
Samsung X830
Samsung X836
Samsung X900
Samsung Z100
Samsung Z105
Samsung Z107
Samsung Z110
Samsung Z130
Samsung Z140
Samsung Z140v
Samsung Z150
Samsung Z220
Samsung Z300
Samsung Z500
Samsung Z500v
Samsung Z510
Samsung Z540
Samsung Z710
Samsung Z720
Samsung Zm60
Samsung Zv10
Samsung Zv30
Samsung Zv40
Samsung Zv50
Samsung Zx10


    Unlock Function.

Sharp Gx10i
Sharp Gx10 new
Sharp Gx15
Sharp Gx17
Sharp Gx20
Sharp Gx23
Sharp Gx25
Sharp Gx29

Sharp Gx30
Sharp SH703  (3G Models)
Sharp SH801  (3G Models)
Sharp SH802  (3G Models)
Sharp SH902  (3G Models)
Sharp SH903  (3G Models)
Sharp TM100
Sharp TM150

Sony Ericsson

    Unlock Function. (Flash/Repair in development)  

SonyEricsson D750i
SonyEricsson F500i
SonyEricsson J100i
SonyEricsson J110i
SonyEricsson J120i
SonyEricsson J300a
SonyEricsson J300c
SonyEricsson J300i
SonyEricsson K300a
SonyEricsson K300c
SonyEricsson K300i
SonyEricsson K500c
SonyEricsson K500i
SonyEricsson K600c
SonyEricsson K600i
SonyEricsson K700c
SonyEricsson K700i
SonyEricsson K750c

SonyEricsson K750i
SonyEricsson S700c
SonyEricsson S700i
SonyEricsson V800
SonyEricsson V802
SonyEricsson W800c
SonyEricsson W800i
SonyEricsson Z500a
SonyEricsson Z500c
SonyEricsson Z500i
SonyEricsson Z520a
SonyEricsson Z520c
SonyEricsson Z520i
SonyEricsson Z1010c
SonyEricsson Z1010i


    Direct unlock function, Reset settings, Read/Write Full flash / Firmware / Eeprom / Calc Data

  • Telit C620
  • Telit T420


    Unlock function (Read codes)

  • Toshiba TS705

Vitel TSM

    Unlock Function, Read/Write Full flash / Firmware / Eeprom / Calc Data

  • Airam M240
  • Airam M342
  • Airam O2x7
  • TSM 1 (all models, even Argentina versions)
  • TSM 2
  • TSM 3
  • TSM 4
  • TSM 5
  • TSM 5m
  • TSM 6
  • TSM 7 (old version) direct unlock by Irda
  • TSM 211 code reader by cable (nck/spck)
  • TSM 2200 code reader by cable (nck/spck)
  • TSM M110


    Direct unlock function, Imei repair, Repair Eeprom, Read phone code and Read codes, Read/Write Full flash / Firmware / Eeprom / Calc Data

  • ZTE 225
  • ZTE A12+
  • ZTE A35
  • ZTE A37

PolarboxAdvertPackage Contains

1 x Polar Box 2
35 x Phone Service Cables Containing:

Alcatel E256 RJ45
Alcatel OT152 RJ45
Alcatel C707 RJ45
BenQ M300 RJ45
LG 510 RJ45
LG B1200 RJ45
LG 7050 RJ45
LG KG800 RJ45
LG KE500 RJ45
Motorola T191 RJ45
NEC 331i RJ45
NEC E122 RJ45
Panasonic G50 RJ45
Philips 530 RJ45
Philips Savvy RJ45
Philips 630 RJ45
Philips 655 RJ45
Samsung D720 combo RJ45+USB Combo
Samsung V804 Combo RJ45+USB Combo
Samsung E860 RJ45
Samsung D500 RJ45
Samsung E530 RJ45
Samsung D800 RJ45
Samsung E700 RJ45
Samsung E810 RJ45
Samsung Z140 USB
Sharp GX30 RJ45
Sharp 902 RJ45
Sharp GX10 RJ45
Siemens X55 RJ45
SonyEricsson T68 RJ45
SonyEricsson K750 RJ45
Vitel TSM5 RJ45
Mini USB Cable

Optional Extras*

  • 1 x KU990 Viewty USB Cable is not included in standard polar cable pack, but is needed to unlock certain phones.

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