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Siemens Mobile Phone Unlock Codes

Siemens Manufacture Remote Unlock Code Server

We can unlock any Siemens or BenQ-Siemens Via Code

Once unlocked, your phone can use any sim card from any worldwide network.

All we need is your phone's IMEI number, or serial number.

Once you have purchased, your code will be emailed to you along with instructions.

Siemens remote unlocking is also known as :

• Siemens / BenQ-Siemens Unlock Codes
• Siemens / BenQ-Siemens Remote Unlocking
• Siemens / BenQ-Siemens IMEI Unlock
• Siemens / BenQ-Siemens Subsidy Password

All Siemens & BenQ-Siemens Models Are Supported including:

C45, S45, M50, MT50, SL45, SL42, A50, A51, A52, A53, A57, S55, S56, S57, SL55, S46, M46, M55, M56, A60, A62, C60, C61, MC60, SX1, CF62, CF65, A65, A70, A71. A75, A76, AX72, AX75, CF110, A31, AF51, AL21, C65, CV65, CT65, C66, S65, SV65, S66, SP65, SL65, SK65, C72, C75, CX75, M75, ME75, CF75, CF76, S75, SL75, S68, SF65, CL75 Poppy, E61, EF61, E71, EL71

For Code waiting times please click here

How Much Does it Cost?

Only £15.00 Per Unlock Code

Order Your Siemens / BenQ-Siemens Manufacture Unlock Code

How To Order Your Siemens / BenQ-Siemens Unlock Code

  • Press ”Buy Now” button and complete your purchase.
  • Once purchased, follow the instructions provided here.
  • Your unlock code & easy to follow instructions will be emailed to you. (see code waiting times)


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