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Unlocking Products - Motorola Smart Unlocker

A professional device that removes SP/SIM/phone/user lock. Smart-Clip works with a wide range of mobile phone models. With a simple standalone one-button operation. Unlocking with Smart-Clip takes just a couple of seconds. No PC, disassembling or special technical knowledge needed. This kit also comes with FREE firmware updates. This is provided direct with the supplier.NO more waiting !!!!!

About The Motorola Smart Unlocker

  • Outstanding features
  • Standalone operation
  • Large list of supported phones (all versions), incl the new V3, E1000, V635, V220 etc..
  • Real-time upgrades online   Update Kit Required
  • Free Motorola upgrades (A, C, E, T, V series)
  • View Unlocking Instructions


  • Smart-Clip uses LPT port to connect to PC.
  • Firmware can be upgraded through the Internet in real-time using our ActiveX plugin.
  • Upgrades include latest firmware AND additional phone vendors/models support.
  • (NOTE: Motorola upgrades are FREE OF CHARGE)
  • Full support included.
Motorola Smart Clip Unlocker

Supported Handsets:

  • Motorola A835,A920,A925
  • Motorola C115,C250,C260,C266,C330,C331,C332,C333,C334,C335,C336,C350,C350l,C350L-R312ULS_G_09.10.2CR,C350V,C353,C359V,C370,C385,C450,C450l,C550,C650
  • Motorola E370,E380,E396,E398
  • Motorola T280,T720,T720i,T720-T720_G_05_08_81R,T721,T722i
  • Motorola V60,V60i,V66,V66i,V70,V80,V150,V220,V300,V303,V400,V500,V525,V600
  • Sendo snd2xx, snd3xx (incl. snd360 s360), snd5xx (incl. snd570, m570), snd6xx incl. snd600 p600/s600), snd8xx 

Package contents:

  • Smart-Clip device
  • Cables for Motorola C, V series
  • Battery connector.
  • Optional Upgrade Package ( LPT Update Cable & Power Supply )
  • Instructions Provided
Motorola Smart Clip Unlocker

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Motorola Smart Unlocker

Motorola Smart Clip Unlocker Smart Unlocker LPT Update Cable Smart Unlocker Power Supply

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Motorola Smart Unlocker Package

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