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Unlocking Products - Vygis Tool Box

The Ultimate solution for flashing and unlocking mobile phones. Extremely flexible and fully upgradable. Unlocks in seconds and provides a fast reliable flashing option. Can support up to 4 phones at once either flashing or unlocking. Full online support from the author.

Supported Models / Features

  • LG
  • Alcatel
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba TS21i
  • Pantech
  • BENQ S600
  • O2X2
  • Virgin Micro Snapper
Vygis Tool Box

About The Vygis Tool Box

  • As From 07-09-10 customers will receive the new slim line designed Vygis Box
  • Using USB cables (supplied in original package) it can flash at fast 460Kb/s
  • With 1 Vygis dongle you can connect up to 4-5 cables and flash/unlock 4-5 phones at the same time
  • The software is running very smooth and stable.
  • Updates are constantly provided by the author.
  • It can be fully activated to support LG, Alcatel & New Mitubishi and more...
  • Vygis Toolbox works with LG original flashfiles and this means:
  • Large number of this Flashfiles files are available for our customer
  • It will be fast and easy to provide new flashfiles also in future directly from the source
  • Also reading flash from one phone and writing to another is supported
  • It is possible to use also the original cables supplied with the phones -- so for new models once you have new update you don't need to wait for new cable and can be the first one there who can flash/unlock new phone models.
  • All LG + Alcatel & new Mitsubishi cables are included in the original package, so later the Alcatel&new Mitsubishi software can be easily activated without delivery costs for you.

Virgin Micro Snapper Software Module
Supports: Unlock

  • Virgin Microsnapper

LG Software Module
LG Workshop - Service software for LG phones.Vygis Slim Right
Supports: Unlock, Read/Write, Flash, Repair


  • Autosearch algorythm - new version unlocking without software update
  • Fast full flash of firmware, eeprom and calibration data
  • Fast unlock in 1 - 5 seconds. For OT320 unlock time about 15 seconds.
  • EEPROM repairing for Alcatel OT320,LG-B1200 and LG-B1300
  • Recovering lost ringtones,melodies, logos and resetting phone code
  • Repair KRZR K3 for LG-B1200 and LG-B1300
  • Phones software repairing for other supported LG phones
  • Fast KRZR K3 repair for other supported LG phones
  • Phone resetting
  • Possibility to work with original LG flash files
  • Software has implemented original LG flash files convertor to bin files.
  • Possibility to work with original LG phones cables, which are included to the phone pack
  • Possibility to repair "Sevice not available" after uploading russian language flash to G7100,C1100 or C1400
  • Unlocking LG-U81x0 phones

Supported LG Models

  • U990, U970, U960, U900, U890, U880, U8500, U830, U8290, U8210, U8150, U370W, U370C, U370, U310 , U300 , U250, TU915
  • TU720, TU575, TU515, TU500F, TU500, TU500, TG800F, TG800, TG300, MU515, MU500, MG370, MG296, MG295, MG280
  • MG235, MG230, MG225, MG160, ME970, ME240q, LG-W3000, LG-U8550, LG-U8380, LG-U8360, LG-U8330, LG-U8290, LG-U8210
  • LG-U8180, LG-U8150, LG-U8138, LG-U8130 also R version, LG-U8120, G-U8110, LG-TG800, LG-T5100, LG-S5200, LG-S5100
  • G-S5000, LG-P7200, LG-Mg810, LG-MG800, LG-Mg530, LG-MG200, LG-MG191, LG-MG155, LG-MG125, LG-MG120, LG-MG105
  • LG-MG105, LG-MG100, LG-ME591, LG-ME500, LG-M6100, LG-M6100, LG-M4410, LG-M300, LG-LG1300i , LG-L5100, LG-L342i
  • LG-L341, LG-L3100, LG-L1400, LG-L1200, LG-L1100, Lg-KG928, Lg-KG920, LG-KG90, LG-Kg810, LG-KG800, LG-KG320, LG-, G300
  • LG-KG225, LG-KG220, LG-KG210, LG-KG200, LG-KG190, LG-GW5400, LG-GW5300-5310, LG-GW5220, LG-GW5200, LG-GW3100
  • LG-G7200, LG-G7120, LG-G7100-7120, LG-G7070, LG-G7050, LG-G7030, LG-G7020, LG-G7000, LG-G5500, LG-G510, LG-G4050
  • LG-G4010, LG-G1800, LG-G1600, LG-G1500, LG-F9100, LG-F7250, LG-F7200, LG-F3000, LG-F2400, LG-F2300, LG-F2250, LG-F2200,
  • LG-F2100, LG-F1200, LG-Cg300, LG-CG225, LG-CE500, LG-C3400, LG-C3380, LG-C3320, LG-C3310, LG-C3300, LG-C3100
  • LG-C2500, LG-C2200, LG-C2100, LG-C1500, LG-C1400, LG-C1300i, LG-C1200, LG-C1150, LG-C1100, LG-B2250, LG-B2150
  • LG-B2100, LG-B2070, LG-B2060, LG-B2050, LG-B2000, LG-B1300, LG-B1200, LG-A7150, LG-A7110, LG240, LG MG270
  • LG KP570Q, LG KP500, LG KP265, LG KP260, LG KP175, LG KP170, LG KP152, LG KP151, LG KP150, LG KM710, LG KF390Q
  • LG KF390, LG F9200, LG CP150, L600V, KU990R, KU990, KU970, KU830, KU800, KU450, KU380, KU311, KU250, KS360, KS20
  • KP501, KP2350, KP233, KP230, KP220, KP202, KP200, KP135, KP135, KP115, KP110, KP106, KP105, KP100, KM500, KM386
  • KM385, KM380, KG98, KG77, KG70, KG375, KG370, KG338, KG330, KG328, KG296, KG291i, KG290 KG289, KG288, KG285
  • KG280, KG278, KG276, KG275, KG271, KG270, KG248, KG228, KG195, KG130, KF700, KF600 –flashing, KF600, KF510, KF310
  • KF300, KF300, KF245, KF245, KF240, KF240, KE990, KE970 / LG SHINE, KE858, KE820, KE800, KE770, KE608, KE600, KE360
  • KE260, KE 850 / LG PRADA KC910, KC550, KB620, HB620, CU920, CU915, CU720, CU575, CU515, CU500V, CU500, CU405
  • CU400, CU320, CG180, CE110
  • Alcatel OT320

Alcatel Software ModuleVygis Slim Left
Supports: Alcatel BE4-BE5 Flashing/Unlocking/Repairing


  • Unlock all Alcatel BE4 and BE5 versions.
  • Make manual or autobackup for unlocking(SP and TECH.ZONE are saved).
  • Read/Write first 64 kb, 2 Mb or 4 mb of flash.
  • Read/Write anyone 64 Kb segment of flash ("CUSTOM MODE").
  • Read/Write language packs.
  • Change languages: complex to latin,or from latin to complex by cloning.
  • Repair BE4 and BE5 after bad unlocking: (BE4 can be repaired even if tech zone is lost,for BE5 must be good).
  • Repair "SOS call only","Charging impossible" and other software faults by cloning.
  • Make manual or autobackup for fast IMEI changing.
  • Ugrade/Downgrade firmwares (All BE4 and BE5 versions supported, flashes,readed from any phone can be used as clone flashes).
  • Change flash loader type

BENQ S600 , O2X2 Flasher / Unlocker Module
Supports: BENQ S600 , O2X2 Flashing/Unlocking/Repairing


  • Fast unlock (3-8 seconds)
  • Full flash,firmware and eeprom reading/writing
  • EEPROM and phone repairing

Package Contains

  • Vygis Schlumberger Cyberflex Smartcard Dongle
  • New Design Vygis High Speed USB Box
  • 19 x Cable Pack Includes The Following
    • LG 7050 GPG Cable
    • ALT OT535 Cable
    • LOB 485 Cable
    • ALT OT525 Cable
    • SHARP GX30 Cable
    • ALT E207 Cable
    • PAN G50 Cable
    • ALT OT320 Cable
    • LG 3XX Cable
    • SNAPPER Cable
    • LG U8110 Cable
    • ALT OT715 Cable
    • ALT OT 531 Cable
    • LG KG800 Cable
    • LG KE500 Cable
    • LG A2 USB Cable
    • USB A to B Cable
    • LG KU311 Cable
    • Vodafone v810 Cable
  • Software  / Install Files Provided on CD/DVD
Vygis Tool Box 19 x  Vygis Tool Box Cable Pack

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Vygis Tool Box & Cable Pack

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Vygis Tool Box & Cable Pack